TRAINING / Coffee Lab

Dedicated to our technicians, baristas, customers and coffee lovers

The pleasure of a good coffee is the result of both knowledge and a professional ap-proach.

The opening of Coffee Lab for research and development purposes, with rooms dedicated to in-house training and tasting, offers a reference point to all those who would like to learn about the variegated world of coffee, the quality and potential of espresso coffee.

The Coffee Lab proposes training courses for operators and professionals working in this sector, but also specific meetings for coffee lovers to spread the word about good quality espresso coffee, ranging from its origins to the areas where it is grown around the world, from the plantation to processing, and customer service, with consumer market data, varieties and roasting methods. Skilled professionals will guide you through the fascinating world of coffee, revealing its secrets in order to appreciate its full potential.

The trainers at the School for BARISTA & will initiate you in the techniques of coffee-making – from raw material to cup – and to LatteArt.

Learning about the cultivation techniques of coffee varieties

The art of roasting and correct use of equipment

Coffee blends and tasting

Imaginative decorations for innovative coffee-based hot and cold beverages, latte art.


(Speciality Coffee Association Europe)

The SCAE Coffee Diploma is the most complete didactic system for coffee on the market to improve your skills, become a coffee roaster or a green coffee merchant, perfect your sensory skills or simply learn how to make excellent coffee. Three levels of certification: foundation, intermediate and professional.

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Latte Art grading System

The “latte art grading system” is a qualification of the barista’s technical and creative skill in latte art.

The system is based on 5 levels of “grading”, each characterised by a different colour, as shown in the grading system. Each grading corresponds to the specific skills the barista must acquire in order to take the final exam.

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Services for technicians, baristi, customers an coffee lovers…

  • Training courses
  • Consultation
  • Technical assistance
  • Tasting and sensory experiences
  • In-house coffee tasting
  • Coffee culture
  • More services on demand